About Me

Ph. Lorenzo Bovi

Roberto Bovi was born in Rome on the 1st of September 1962. He graduated at the “Liceo Artistico Statale Ripetta” of Rome and taught Drawing, Graphic Design and Photography at I.S.O.G.E.A. Institute in Sardinia.

He has been working in the world of visual arts for over thirty years, always trying out different techniques, from pencil drawing to the fresco. Oil painting, though, is the one that he prefers over any other. Roberto Bovi started off his career with figurative painting, studying the Impressionists' lesson and painting “en plein air”. Afterward, he adopted a more abstract and informal style, taking inspiration from the American Expressionists.

His works have been displayed all over Italy: Milano, Venezia (Palazzo Zenobio Fondamenta Dorsoduro), Roma (Galleria Margutta), Vieste (palazzo Bellusci - Concorso Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea - I Dauni), Barletta (fondazione Giuseppe De Nittis), Sorso (Palazzo Baronale), Marsala (Palazzo Fici), Carmignano (Palazzo Comunale), Comune di Amendolara. Drawing, painting and Art History are essential in his life: he often says that it is hard to deal with them, but it is absolutely necessary.

Critique by Raffaele De Salvatore from "EuroArte", periodical of art, culture, current affairs, free time Feb / Mar 2013. Anna Maria Gentile Ediz.

Critique by Stefania Maggiulli Alfieri, director of Nikephoros for the international contemporary art competition "I Dauni 2018" Vieste.

Critique by Anna Soricaro, director of the Giuseppe De Nittis Foundation in Barletta. From "The Myths and the Territory in Sicily of a Thousand Cultures", by Lab_04 Editore

"I Dauni". International Contemporary Art Competition. III Edition 8 April-12 May 2018. Vieste - Palazzo Bellusci

Critique by Anna Soricaro, director of the Giuseppe De Nittis Foundation in Barletta. From "BN-Arte", a periodical of art, culture, current events, free time. Anna Maria Gentile Ed.

Ph. Lorenzo Bovi